Speaking each other’s language, metaphysical and ethical reasoning

People I care about keep sharing information and experiences, about things that I don’t think are there, things I cannot observe with any empirical evidence[1]. It’s a bizarre and deranged situation for me. I feel like I have lost the ability to process essential information, has my body lost its capacity to work with reality, what is wrong with me? Or are these people lying to me in a destructive way, creating distrust in myself? Can I trust myself, can I still trust the senses that I need for survival? Do I need to look within myself? Am I cognitively impaired? How am I going to survive when I live in a society where nearly everyone believe in things that are not sensual, not logical, not rational, not provable.

I’m doomed living in an asylum that is called society where people that are close to me, that say they care about me, are actually hurting me. Either I’m insane, the asylum is in my mind, or people around me are messing with me, am I evil? Where is the morality in this, where are the virtues people?

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When people make you feel insane it’s like living in hell. I’m afraid of finding out that people I care about and emotional invested energy in are actuality behaving insane[1], it hardens me up, creates defences, makes me over protective and very careful to connect with other people in order to not get hurt.

People tell me I need to train my body, clean my organs, decalcify my pineal gland[2], align my chakras, vibrate at other frequencies, need to be more good, more emotional available, I have to wait for the planets to align right. That absence of scientific proof is nowhere near prove of absence of a phenomenon, that truth[3] is subjective, and then tell me I need to be more open for experiences that are scientifically unexplainable and contradicts natural science.

It’s a crippling and torturing experience, where is the invisible apple, where are the invisible things that have supreme value, where is the interconnecting earth spirit and energy that flows through us all. Where is this non material conscious energy that can transfer out of peoples bodies and into other materials and where we may have conversations with?

I’m not a magical cloud of energy with frequencies. I’m a rational creature, made of complex interconnected organic matter, living in material reality.

After finding out the truth about the nonsense that people call truth and reality. I had to accept that other people, are who they are, my integrity survived and I wanted to have therapy and communication training. I’m not insane and I will not self attack. I used to pretend who I am, had to hide my rationality. Self-knowledge and philosophy are the saviours I need for survival, they give me a better perspective and tools to work with, instead of primitive freeze or flight responses.

I’m open for experimentation on things that we cannot explain, we may use bioelectrodynamics, biocommunication, quantum physics and other semi-unconscious mechanisms in our bodies. I’m fine with saying that I don’t know how all things works, but any evolving scientific theories[4] will not contradicts natural science and we have to be aware of all the different cognitive biases[5]. However to baseline how we behave in our daily lives, in our relationships with other people on things that are unexplainable or superstitious is just maddening and immoral for me.

Life is short and I’m not getting any younger, I tried to find people with the same interest, build friendships, emotionally connected with them and had a very nice time, but eventually there will be communication about values, principles, what you want out of live, what you want out of relationships, how to solve disagreements, what are the approaches to conformity and religion?


To have any constructive way of (meta)communication, resolve misunderstandings, ethical reasoning I need to have shared metaphysical views on how things work, you need to learn to speak each other’s language[6], to first align each others metaphysical views.

Watch this couple explain how they put down their groundwork:

Superstition[7] is the belief in supernatural causality—that one event causes another without any natural process linking the two events—such as astrology, religion, omens, witchcraft, prophecies, etc., that contradicts natural science.

Spiritualism[8] is a dualist metaphysical belief that the world is made up of at least two fundamental substances, matter and spirit. This very broad metaphysical distinction is further developed into many and various forms by the inclusion of details about what spiritual entities exist such as a soul, the afterlife, spirits of the dead, deities and mediums; as well as details about the nature of the relationship between spirit and matter.

I think its okay to not believe in spirits or some universal energy. I’m all in for emotional connections, emotional intelligence, physical and mental exploration, self-knowledge, doing things that makes us happy, peaceful, non-violent, voluntary, truthful and compassionate, but it all stays in the same metaphysical view/realm for me.

I use a methodologies to separate truth from falsehood, for example any valid scientific theory must be (a) universal, (b) logical, (c) empirical verifiable, (d) reproducible and (e) as simple as possible[9].

Lots of people died so humanity eventually could have a window of enlightenment[10] and people happily accept devices, knowledge and skills that would not exist without the scientific method, but reject most of these concepts in personal interactions. When it gets to personal relations I want to have individual and voluntary[11] win-win relationships and be able to separate friends from allies and truth from falsehood.

As someone that values integrity, honesty, trust, love, understanding, ambition, helpfulness, frugality, wisdom, justice, curiosity, cleanliness and a lot of other virtues I came to conclusions where I like to eat mostly fruit and vegetables, stay healthy and exercise, stay aware of my surroundings and my own behaviour, apply the non-aggression principle to all species that can suffer, learn about peaceful attached parenting, positive thinking and growth. I also explore alternative agriculture, medicine and lifestyles.

Due to these interest I gravitate towards people that have dualist metaphysical[12] views and I get torn between different metaphysical views. Experienced the futility of truth badgering[13]. There is a balance of staying curious, having humility, having empathy for the other persons positions and their past, create perspective and techniques like radical honesty and non-violent communication may help, but I find it difficult to get a good balance and at the same time respect my own boundaries. I fall down and get up, keep improving myself and dig further down the rabbit hole to see if there is something better, we are the authors of our own lives!

I wanted to share this information in the hope it keeps helping me and maybe others. It was a similar to journalling and let some parts of myself speak out. It will be interesting to read this back in a few years and see how my thoughts and experiences have developed.

Listen to this 60 minute podcast to get a better idea of how I feel about a lot of the first paragraphs:

Watch this this discussion between between people with different metaphysical and see how they don’t have a constructive way of communication or to resolve misunderstandings even while they try hard to stay civilized:

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“When you believe in things that you don’t understand. Then you suffer. Superstition ain’t the way” – Stevie Wonder

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Restocking fruit photos since August

As part of several upcoming blog posts (click here for more information) these are my fruit restocks pictures since August 2012 (low fat high carb raw vegan food style).

25 July 2012 – Fruit haul! Got three large boxes of nectarines, one box of Saturn peaches, one box of apricots, one box of medjool dates, one box of local cherries, box of bananas, seven heads of lettuce, some cucumbers, bell peppers, lemons, celery and some fresh basil and mint. Last week was kind of blueberry ;) so I still have some oranges and tomatoes.

1 August 2012 – Fruit haul! Got fifteen boxes of nectarines! Sixteen cantaloupe melons, three watermelons, box of oranges, three boxes of mangos, seven heads of lettuce, two heads of celery, some lemons and a bell pepper. The rest of the tomatoes, zucchinis and cucumbers are coming from our family allotment garden and will be gathered during the week. So NO bananas this week ;) I decided to get some time without them, the quality was horrible for the past few weeks and nectarines tasted a lot better :D

8 August – Fruit haul! I am loving my nectarines this season. I got five large boxes of nectarines, seven boxes or mangos, box of oranges, ten boxes with strawberries, six heads of lettuce, some celery, bell pepper and lemons. Also restocked on raisins, dried figs, flaxseed and sundried tomatoes. Tomatoes, zucchinis and cucumbers are coming from our family allotment garden.

5 September – Fruit Haul! With the week before and after The WFF my restocks have been minimal, so you guys didn’t hear much from me, but it ‘s time for a nice restock! I got a crate of strawberries, box of white grapes, box of navel oranges, box of bananas, seven boxes of Saturn peaches (yeah!), six melons (what’s the English name for this variety?), box of small plums, four heads of celery (for celery powder), two heads of lettuce, some arugula and lemons, and home grown zucchini, cucumber and tomatoes.

12 September – Fruit Haul! I got figs! My first figs in this whole year! So I got one big box of vinecherry-paprika tomatoes, one box of blue grapes, one box of strawberries. Eight boxes of Saturn (doughnut) peaches, two boxes of melons, two boxes of figs, some celery and lettuce, and basil, lemons, bell pepper, arugula, and home grown corn, tomatoes, cucumber and romaine lettuce. I’m trying to stay away from the banana’s that they sell here, they don’t taste as good to me anymore but as long as I got peaches I will be fine :D

19 September – Fruit Haul!! So I got a crate of sweet red bell peppers, crate of pears, box of oranges, six boxes of Saturn peaches (yeah!), box of vinecherry-paprika tomatoes, box of medjool dates, three packages of corn. From our own family garden some cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow peppers, corn and some greens. Going to do some experimenting bought: arugula, mixed greens, cilantro, chives, scallion, basil, lemons, limes, pepper, avocados, cashew nuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds and sun-dried tomatoes.

26 September – Fruit Haul! Got myself a crate of apples, crate of sweet red bell peppers, Italian victoria grapes, box of oranges, three boxes of Saturn peaches, six galia melons, box of vine-tomatoes, some raspberries, pineapple, lemon, dill, basil, avocados, cashew nuts, few heads of lettuce and bags of mixed greens. ♥

10 October – Awesome Fruit Haul!! Box of Italian Italia white grapes (giulianopugliafruit.it), box of Spain primasol clementines, crate of romaine lettuce, crate of red bell pepper, box of melons, two boxes of Israeli Galia melons, box of African valencia oranges, box of dried Israeli medjool dates, box with a pomelo, dried mulberries, raisins, some dill and cucumbers, four boxes of blueberries, bag of fresh basil, some arugula and mixed greens, and some of the last cucumbers and cherry tomatoes from our own garden. Still got apples, peers and tomatoes in stock. Going to be an other awesome week! Cheers!

17 October – Fruit and vegetable restock! I got five boxes of decent brazil keitt mangoes, box of turkish sultana grapes, box of delicious vine tomatoes from holland, box of galia melons, box of south african valencia oranges, box of tunisian organic pitted dates (yes last weeks box if already devoured), few bags of red bell peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, lemons, dill, basil and a few bags of mixed greens. I still got romaine lettuce from last week, clementines and some apples and pears. Cheers! :)

24 October – Awesome fruit haul! Crate of pears, crate of apples, crate of red bell peppers, crate of concord grapes, big box of Spain persimmons, Spain clementines, boxes of galia melons, box of cherry tomatoes, pineapple, arugula, mixed green, butterhead lettuce, cucumbers, dill and a few strawberries. I still got some tomatoes, mangoes, oranges and dates from last week. It’s not what you say, it’s what you do!

9 November – Wednesday restock, box of oranges, crate of red bell peppers, two crates of clementines, crate of grapes, four boxes of persimmons, box of cherry paprika tomatoes, box of vine tomatoes, some lettuce, kale, spinach and cucumbers.

14 November – Fruit Haul! Crate of apples, oranges, pears, two crates of persimmons, crate of mini white grapes, mixed box with orange sweet mini bell peppers, loads of cucumbers, fresh dill, basil, red and green leafy greens, arugula, butterhead lettuce, seven boxes of awesome mangoes, two pineapples, and loads of raisins that are not on this photo.

22 November – Yesterdays fruit haul! Box of cherry-paprika tomatoes, two 5kg boxes of white grapes, box of oranges, two boxes of persimmons (kakis), box of vine tomatoes, two 5kg boxes of organic pitted dates, and an other 5kg box of medjool dates. Box of clementines, some cucumbers, strawberries, arugula, beetroot, zuccini, mixed greens, green herbs, bag of sweet orange bell peppers, bag of spinach and a few bananas for the fun of it. :)

28 November – Fruit Haul! One box with small sweet orange bell peppers, two boxes of cherry-paprika tomatoes, four boxes of white grapes (not all full), big box of oranges, four boxes of persimmons, eight cucumbers, leafy greens, spinach, basil, dill, lemons, one avocado, mixed greens, arugula and a sugar melon, then some bags of raisins, dried figs, dried mulberries, and pumpkin seeds.

2 January – I bought three boxes of clementines (I love to drink 1800ml of the stuff every morning) a box of big oranges, two small boxes of persimmons, a five kilogram box of medjool dates, a few bananas, some pears, and green kiwis, few heads of butterhead lettuce and curly leafy greens, cucumbers, avocados, tomatoes, lemons, arugula, two jars of olives and one with asparaguses. I needed something to give some flavour to my salads without resorting to higher fat dressings (hemp seeds, sesame seeds, or nut based). I also had some lychees and apples left from last Saturday restock.

And some more lower quality pictures taken with my mobile phone.

That is it :D

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Upcoming blog posts and pictures

It has been way too long since I made a post, so many enjoyable things are going on and I’m having a hard time finding time for it all. A lot happened since August and I mostly have pictures and good memories to remind me. I decided to do a few post about them the next few months to cover the events.

  • Pictures of fruit restocks since last August
  • Pictures of fruit meals that I made and eat
  • My athletic results and upcoming challenges
  • A nutritional summary with data from the past year
  • Pictures and experiences of fruity events and festivals I have been to

Please stay tuned :D

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811rv photo recap and fruit shoppings

Hi guys, Its been a while, I’ve been busy as always. I wanted to share some photos and give an update. Life has been good, lots of positive energy.

I’m feeling great, no more knee injuries, have been training fully and getting results. Remember when reading the bellow that I like to exercise because of my abundant of energy and joy that I get from doing this lifestyle. So I got a few new personal records, one for my 5km in 14.05kph and 21m 21s, one on the 10km in 45m:31s, one for 12.44km in one hour and the Coopertest within 2800m. These are all training results (I have been running since the beginning of 2010) and not real race times, so I am curious what’s going to happen when fully rested, hydrated and fuelled for a race. I am also still working on my duration runs for a full marathon.

I started doing something new and bought a Cube Acid 29er this is a mountain bike with 29″ wheels (picture somewhere bellow). So I have been combining bootcamps, mountain biking and running, which is great!! I can see my muscle definition changing in my legs, its really awesome.

I like to emphasize that I am following a low fat raw vegan lifestyle without the use of powders, herbs, probiotics, seafoods, cruciferous and allium vegetables. I can highly recommend cutting these products(non-foods) out of your diet for a few months and see for yourself what happens. If you do eat them on occasion, know at least that they are not real health foods as they will not result in perfect optimal health.

I also discourage daily juicing, removing essential nutrients like fibber from your foods does not help your body stabilize in getting a healthy digestive system, more concentrated nutrients like in most juices ain’t necessary for the better. Eat as much whole fruits and leafy greens as possible and get some exercise, this is one of the healthiest ways for the body to detox itself. Juice or water fasting ain’t necessary to detox and clean your body. I can only see benefits for longer +14 days guided water fasting if the body is really sick and toxic and needs as much rest as possible (setting aside the whole positive fasting experience that could be educational, joyful and spiritual).

Bellow is my nutrition report for the last 3 months, this is just an estimation (no database knows the exact nutrients of the fresh foods you just consumed) and I keep these records for science and as guidelines. I do recommend keeping track of what you eat when you start this lifestyle, it’s very easy to eat to little calories, almost every time I feel like eating something else its because I have not got enough calories from fruit, my mind goes into survival mode and wants the quickest easiest way it can remember to get as much calories as possible, and a nutrition report is a handy tool to put some numbers on those impulses. I am a 186cm male aiming for 10 grams of carbohydrates from fruits per kilogram of bodyweight to get some perspective on those numbers. Calorie breakdown is 89% Carbs, 5,5% Lipids and 5,5% Protein.

So here are some of my weekly fruit and vegetables restocks:

Showing the blueberry effect. I made a banana, blueberry, celery smoothie with so many blueberries that it turned into a pudding, I could hold the Vitamix container upside down and had to get a spoon.

One of my best breakfasts ever 1500 grams of just fresh blueberries.

18 July – Got one of my best fruit hauls this week!!! Managed to score 26 boxes of local blueberries (about 45kg). 18kg of bananas, box of oranges, five boxes of nectarines, vine tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, local cherries!!, local gooseberries, two watermelons, five heads of butterhead lettuce, two heads of curly lettuce, two heads of celery, zucchinis, cucumbers, lemons and bell peppers. Isn’t this awesome, felt like hugging my fruit grocer today ;)

11 July – Great fruit haul this week, got a box of vine cherry tomatoes, box of grapes, box of bananas, three boxes of nectarines, about six kilograms of blueberries, box of organic saturn peaches, watermelon, bags of fresh mint and basil, some strawberries, cucumbers, celery, red bell pepper, and some heads of curly and butterhead lettuces. Also got some broken watermelons for free, so I am munching down a five litre watermelon with mint juice right now :D Cheers!!

4 July – I got a nice fruit haul this week and kind of went for the peaches since last week they were the best. I got one 40lb box of bananas, box of oranges, box of pineapples (I hope they are edible, normally they ain’t ripe and do more harm then good), box of cherry tomatoes, three boxes of nectarines, one box of some other kind of peaches, some strawberries, butterhead lettuce, celery, cucumber, lemons and bell peppers.

Got this awesome cool and beautiful cat as pet.

27 June – Hi guys! Got a nice fruit haul this week and not the usual fruits. I got two boxes of apricots, box of vine tomatoes, box of bananas, box of peaches, box of plums, box of cherries, some strawberries, curly greens, some basil, red pepper, dried raisins, and a watermelon. The rest of the greens and cucumbers are coming from our family allotment garden and I got some fruit left from last week.

Recovery drink four litre of fresh squeezed orange juice with pulp.

My new 29er mountain bike.

20 June – Got a decent fruit haul this week, one box of bananas (40pounds), crate of strawberries, five melons, nine mangos, crate of peaches, two boxes of grapes, box of vinecherry-paprika tomatoes, box of medjool dates, two heads of red leafy greens, three cucumbers, bell pepper and some more strawberries. Also got some oranges, melons and tomatoes left from last week. The rest of the leafy greens for this week are coming from our family allotment garden. Have a good one ;)

13 June – Delicious fruit haul ;) Got a box of cherries, box of bananas, box of clementines, two boxes of cherry tomatoes, box of vine tomatoes, some melons and lettuce, two watermelons, fresh basil, strawberries, cucumber, bell peppers, and three boxes of mangos. The rest of the leafy greens for this week are coming from our family allotment garden. Cheers :D

6 June – Great fruit haul! Got my first ready to eat apricots of the year! I got a box of bananas, tomatoes, two boxes of sweet cherry tomatoes, box of apricots, crate of melons, three watermelons, box of African oranges, box of green curly lettuce, some arugula, three cucumbers, bell pepper, lemons, cellery, strawberries and a head of butterhead lettuce. It’s going to be a good week :)

Tomatoes/basil soup! I really love good tomatoes :D Soak a handful of dried tomatoes (watch out for the added salt in there!!), mixed vinecherry tomatoes together with bigger tomatoes and some basil then blend. Add a lot of halved vinecherry tomatoes to the final soup and enjoy :D

30 May – Watermelons!! Weekly restock with bananas, vinecherry tomatoes, apples, oranges, four butterhead lettuces, four curly lettuces, celery, tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, lemon, sweet bell pepper, some parsley, strawberries and four watermelons. I am off destroying some watermelons, bite by bite ;)

One of my salads, I can easily eat a few kilograms of this.

23 May – Weekly restock, I got myself some vinecherry tomatoes, grapes, box of oranges, bananas, box of dates, red and green curly lettuce, strawberries, zucchini, a sweet bell pepper, celery, cucumbers and butterhead lettuce. The grapes, oranges, bananas and dates are imported the rest is all local and not sprayed with chemicals. It’s finally nice weather again in the Netherlands, it’s about 25 degrees Celsius and I am looking forward to the weekend and a nice distance run in the sun.

New more eco-friendly household chemicals and biodegradable trash bags.

Mangos for lunch :D

19 May – Oh Happy Day! Mango’s! Extra weekend restock, my grocer texted me he could get some good ones for a nice price and as mango addict I can’t resist :D

16 May – Weekly restock, I got the sad news an other distributor went bankrupt (or almost is) and only leftovers of his stock where for sale. So last week I finally had an other brand of banana’s this week its back to the same old again. So I got a crate of apples, box of banana’s, box of grapes, a few snack tomatoes, box of tomatoes, clementines, sweet red peppers, zucchinis, strawberries, cucumbers, few heads of lettuces, and some spinach. There wasn’t much more of my interest, hopefully next week will be better. I still got some dates, bananas, apples and oranges left so I will be fine. Training has been going well, no new injuries and been able to push a bit more out of those legs ;)

Just give it a good try, take it day by day, educate yourself and feel the difference! Leave a comment if you feel like it :D

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Time for an update week 12 to 19

So its been a while and its time for some random rambling. Its spring here and the sun is showing itself occasionally, its about 13 degree Celsius right now and I am hopping its get warm and sunny soon.

The last few weeks I have made great process, my knees and feet’s have strengthen and adjust enough to my more minimalist running technique. I have been enjoying my ability to exercise fully again, and have been training multiple days a week with different types of trainings, like hill intervals, bootcamps, road intervals and duration trainings. I ran about 45 km weekly and did 21 km, 24 km and 21 km on my last Saturday duration runs both with my newer shoes and so far without injuries/overtraining and I can tell you this is a great feeling! I feel supercharged again and hope it will last!

I have been enjoying my fruity lifestyle as you will see in the pictures below. I have read and experimented through the past months. I have concluded in both theory and practise its better to not eat garlic, unions, salt or fatty non-fruit foods. I also figured out nice ways to do BBQ’s with friends by making and sharing large salads and a junk food alike veggie burgers. It will not give me a sick feeling when I take them down with a few kilograms a fruity salad, it also gives me a nice reload after a long run, but I prefer to stay fullyraw whenever possible!

I also bought a water distiller and have been amassed with the quantity and really bad chemical smell of the residue, I adjusted to the taste of distilled water within a week and now definitely prefer it above other water. I also got the feeling it started a detox phase and improved my running performance.

Feel free to comment if you got any questions ;)

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Montly photo update

So last few weeks has been really great. I started running again, and I’m hopping my knee’s will strengthen enough to be able to run a few more personal records this year and a few marathons. I loved seeing everybody in my running group again!

811rv has been very nice, lots of energy. About once a week I still feel like making a nice vegetable soup or something similar. Otherwise I am keeping it simple ;)

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Winter photo recap update

It’s time to give an update. A lot of small tweaks have been made to my lifestyle in the last two months. On the end of last year I found 30bananasaday.com together with it a lot of fellows that where having the same goals and methods as I was leaning towards.

I became a member and started sharing and receiving information, and so far I am really enjoying it. I also bought the The 80/10/10 Diet book and read it in a few days. It was a nice addition to my other books that all recommend a high carb low fat raw vegan diet with exercise and sleep.

My knee’s are also slowly getting better, I really pushed my body over the edge last year and am now feeling the consequences. I hope to start my trainings again on the first of March, I still haven’ t given up on the marathon on April 15 and 1/2 marathon in March, but I just have to feel how it will go and if my legs will carry me with the same strength and speed as last year.

The P90X workout program is really good, I have gained some nice muscles and strength. I am also staring phase two, and there are a lot of nasty difficult exercises in them. I am not doing the full program due two my knee’s, but I am a adjusting the program and it’s all good. I have stopped eating the raw protein powder for now, since I noticed negative changes to my body when using it. I now believe the body needs very little protein less then 9% of total calories and I seem to be doing fine without it.

I am also using this rule now: If I can’ t make a meal out of it.. it is probably not food, and if it ain’t food for my body, it is probably toxic, so don’t eat it!

I am just going to dump a lot of photo’s again to show my eating changes. One of my bigger changes last month are the use of only leafy greens and not steaming vegetables any-more, and so far it is all great!

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iHerb.com happiness and vegan supplements

[update: I don’t take or recommend these products any more with exception of vitamin B12, D2/3 and Iodine]

Hi Folks,

So I needed some supplements and wanted them to be vegan and a bit affordable, so I went to iHerb.com on advice of some-like-it-raw.com. You can get a $5 discount if you use my discount code JIV377. I received my order in four days with the weekend included, which is really fast!

So here is my first order list:

Now Foods, Multi-Food Complex Vcaps, For Men, 90 Vcaps(NOW-03837)
Deva, Vegan Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement with Greens, 90 Coated Tablets(DEV-00002)
Frontier Natural Products, Irish Moss Flakes, 16 oz (453 g)(FRO-02206)
Avalon Organics, Bath & Shower Gel, Ylang Ylang, 12 fl oz (350 ml)(AVA-35195)
Now Foods, Guar Gum, 8 oz (227 g)(NOW-05040)
Arrowhead Mills, Whole Grain Organic Pastry Flour, 32 oz (907 g)(ARW-47172)
Now Foods, Sports, Creatine Monohydrate, 100% Pure Powder, 2.2 lbs (1 kg)(NOW-02032)
PlantFusion, Multi Source Plant Protein, Vanilla Bean, 2 lb (908 g)(PLF-00195)
Sun Warrior, Protein, Raw Vegan, Natural, 35.2 oz (1 kg)(SUW-51469)
Nature’s Plus, Source of Life, Garden, Vitamin D3, 60 Veggie Caps(NAP-30735)
Protocol for Life Balance, Liquid B-12, 5000 mcg, 4 fl oz (118 ml)(PRT-10452)

This is pretty default stuff. I hope I don’t have to tell you all why to take vitamin B12 and D3 supplements living in Holland and all. The Whole Grain Organic Pastry Flour, Guar Gum and Irish Moss Flakes are for cooking and there is some Bath & Shower Gel. So nothing special there.

I am advising against any other supplements unless you have some specific shortage. You body should be used to getting what it need from all natural foods.

However I am planning on a 90 day extreme workout (strength, flexibility and cardio) together with training for a marathon (duration). I will be writing more about this later, since I am still in the preparation phase and have a nasty knee injury from over-exercising (running).

Because of this extreme workout I’m planning adding an additional 20/30 grams of Protein, 5 grams of Creatine Monohydrate and a multi vitamins B supplement to my daily lunch smoothie. My daily intake of protein has been less then 7% on average the past six month or so I don’t mind adding some extra supplements for 90 days with all the heavy workouts and recovery phases.

I would like to read all your opinions :)


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Recipe: creative hummus

So I wanted to do a hour of plyometric exercises this evening, but all set-and-ready during the warm-up my damn knees started to hurt again so I stopped. Tomorrow morning I have a slow 15km training run, so I didn’t want to overdo it… kuch. Any advice for somebody stubborn with a light knee injure that won’t stop over-exercising :) (yes, I am trying to do different sports)

Well instead of exercising I write-down this creative hummus recipe that I am making regularly the last few months.

Credit where credit is due for some inspiration:
a) http://www.choosingraw.com/sweet-potato-hummus/
b) http://www.choosingraw.com/snack-attack-sundried-tomato-hummus-with-flax-crackers/

So the secret here is that this recipe can be really quick :) with some minimal soaking preparation.

1) Take 100gr green lentils and let them soak in 400ml water for three hours (see package description).

2) Cook the green lentils for about 15 to 20 minutes in there soaking water.

3) Put the lentils with the remaining water into your magimix food-processor and blend until smooth.

4) Add about one or two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice to it. I have been told this is needed for better digestion. If somebody can explain the science behind this, please do!

5) Add one or two tablespoons of tahini or peanut butter if you don’t have tahini. Be careful for the many fats here.

6) Add spices, this can vary a lot. You can add a garlic glove and two thee-spoons of salt (or not). You can add one tablespoon with cumin or curry powder, or be a more creative like combining cumin with turmeric for some yellowish colouring.

7) Add fresh water or peeled sesame seeds to control the density.

8) Serve with some vegetables, or as filling for green leafs or sweet bell-peppers.

The nice thing is you can replace the green lentils (3 hour soak time) with chickpeas (8 hour soak time, less protein) or even garden peas (no soak time, less protein)!

It’s a great recovery dinner and when carefully with the tahini it will be reasonable low in fats.

Enjoy and be creative.

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Food recap images week 45-50

Still very little time to write down some nice posts, but here we go with an image recap of the last few weeks.

I am on the grapes tour, so hang on.


Cooked vegetables with a mango dressing (mango with a few cherry tomatoes and some vinegar).


Pineapple for the win!


Restocking fruit and vegetables.


Restocking fruit and vegetables.


Restocking fruit and vegetables.


Restocking fruit and vegetables.


My own creation: potato kale hutspot:
1. steam the patatos (save the moisture)
2. cut the kale into fine pieces with a knife and steam them for a few minutes so they become a bit softer
3. squeeze the potatoes with a stamper and mix with the kale
4. add about two tablespoons of vegetable broth powder and mix
5. add the saved moisture in the vitamix blender and add a good tablespoon of raw almond nut-butter
6. blend into a nice milk like mixture en poor over the potato and kale
7. enjoy :)


My favourite lunch of this moment, banana blueberry smoothie XL


Restocking fruit and vegetables.


Restocking fruit and vegetables.


Steamed cauliflower, with humus and sweet-bell peppers.


Default input of my banana blueberry smoothies.


Output :)




Restocking fruit and vegetables.


Restocking fruit and vegetables.


New running material.


Post-running diner with some pea hummus experiment.


Ingredients for some pumpkin pie filling, but when making the recipe I saw the bottom of the pie also needed a lot of nuts and dates, and I really don’t like that fatty sweet mixture. So I went with filling only.


Sadly I didn’t like it, so I will not make that again :)


Restocking fruit and vegetables. Got mango’s again!


Restocking fruit and vegetables.


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