Recipe: creative hummus

So I wanted to do a hour of plyometric exercises this evening, but all set-and-ready during the warm-up my damn knees started to hurt again so I stopped. Tomorrow morning I have a slow 15km training run, so I didn’t want to overdo it… kuch. Any advice for somebody stubborn with a light knee injure that won’t stop over-exercising :) (yes, I am trying to do different sports)

Well instead of exercising I write-down this creative hummus recipe that I am making regularly the last few months.

Credit where credit is due for some inspiration:

So the secret here is that this recipe can be really quick :) with some minimal soaking preparation.

1) Take 100gr green lentils and let them soak in 400ml water for three hours (see package description).

2) Cook the green lentils for about 15 to 20 minutes in there soaking water.

3) Put the lentils with the remaining water into your magimix food-processor and blend until smooth.

4) Add about one or two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice to it. I have been told this is needed for better digestion. If somebody can explain the science behind this, please do!

5) Add one or two tablespoons of tahini or peanut butter if you don’t have tahini. Be careful for the many fats here.

6) Add spices, this can vary a lot. You can add a garlic glove and two thee-spoons of salt (or not). You can add one tablespoon with cumin or curry powder, or be a more creative like combining cumin with turmeric for some yellowish colouring.

7) Add fresh water or peeled sesame seeds to control the density.

8) Serve with some vegetables, or as filling for green leafs or sweet bell-peppers.

The nice thing is you can replace the green lentils (3 hour soak time) with chickpeas (8 hour soak time, less protein) or even garden peas (no soak time, less protein)!

It’s a great recovery dinner and when carefully with the tahini it will be reasonable low in fats.

Enjoy and be creative.

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