Winter photo recap update

It’s time to give an update. A lot of small tweaks have been made to my lifestyle in the last two months. On the end of last year I found together with it a lot of fellows that where having the same goals and methods as I was leaning towards.

I became a member and started sharing and receiving information, and so far I am really enjoying it. I also bought the The 80/10/10 Diet book and read it in a few days. It was a nice addition to my other books that all recommend a high carb low fat raw vegan diet with exercise and sleep.

My knee’s are also slowly getting better, I really pushed my body over the edge last year and am now feeling the consequences. I hope to start my trainings again on the first of March, I still haven’ t given up on the marathon on April 15 and 1/2 marathon in March, but I just have to feel how it will go and if my legs will carry me with the same strength and speed as last year.

The P90X workout program is really good, I have gained some nice muscles and strength. I am also staring phase two, and there are a lot of nasty difficult exercises in them. I am not doing the full program due two my knee’s, but I am a adjusting the program and it’s all good. I have stopped eating the raw protein powder for now, since I noticed negative changes to my body when using it. I now believe the body needs very little protein less then 9% of total calories and I seem to be doing fine without it.

I am also using this rule now: If I can’ t make a meal out of it.. it is probably not food, and if it ain’t food for my body, it is probably toxic, so don’t eat it!

I am just going to dump a lot of photo’s again to show my eating changes. One of my bigger changes last month are the use of only leafy greens and not steaming vegetables any-more, and so far it is all great!

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