Time for an update week 12 to 19

So its been a while and its time for some random rambling. Its spring here and the sun is showing itself occasionally, its about 13 degree Celsius right now and I am hopping its get warm and sunny soon.

The last few weeks I have made great process, my knees and feet’s have strengthen and adjust enough to my more minimalist running technique. I have been enjoying my ability to exercise fully again, and have been training multiple days a week with different types of trainings, like hill intervals, bootcamps, road intervals and duration trainings. I ran about 45 km weekly and did 21 km, 24 km and 21 km on my last Saturday duration runs both with my newer shoes and so far without injuries/overtraining and I can tell you this is a great feeling! I feel supercharged again and hope it will last!

I have been enjoying my fruity lifestyle as you will see in the pictures below. I have read and experimented through the past months. I have concluded in both theory and practise its better to not eat garlic, unions, salt or fatty non-fruit foods. I also figured out nice ways to do BBQ’s with friends by making and sharing large salads and a junk food alike veggie burgers. It will not give me a sick feeling when I take them down with a few kilograms a fruity salad, it also gives me a nice reload after a long run, but I prefer to stay fullyraw whenever possible!

I also bought a water distiller and have been amassed with the quantity and really bad chemical smell of the residue, I adjusted to the taste of distilled water within a week and now definitely prefer it above other water. I also got the feeling it started a detox phase and improved my running performance.

Feel free to comment if you got any questions ;)

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