811rv photo recap and fruit shoppings

Hi guys, Its been a while, I’ve been busy as always. I wanted to share some photos and give an update. Life has been good, lots of positive energy.

I’m feeling great, no more knee injuries, have been training fully and getting results. Remember when reading the bellow that I like to exercise because of my abundant of energy and joy that I get from doing this lifestyle. So I got a few new personal records, one for my 5km in 14.05kph and 21m 21s, one on the 10km in 45m:31s, one for 12.44km in one hour and the Coopertest within 2800m. These are all training results (I have been running since the beginning of 2010) and not real race times, so I am curious what’s going to happen when fully rested, hydrated and fuelled for a race. I am also still working on my duration runs for a full marathon.

I started doing something new and bought a Cube Acid 29er this is a mountain bike with 29″ wheels (picture somewhere bellow). So I have been combining bootcamps, mountain biking and running, which is great!! I can see my muscle definition changing in my legs, its really awesome.

I like to emphasize that I am following a low fat raw vegan lifestyle without the use of powders, herbs, probiotics, seafoods, cruciferous and allium vegetables. I can highly recommend cutting these products(non-foods) out of your diet for a few months and see for yourself what happens. If you do eat them on occasion, know at least that they are not real health foods as they will not result in perfect optimal health.

I also discourage daily juicing, removing essential nutrients like fibber from your foods does not help your body stabilize in getting a healthy digestive system, more concentrated nutrients like in most juices ain’t necessary for the better. Eat as much whole fruits and leafy greens as possible and get some exercise, this is one of the healthiest ways for the body to detox itself. Juice or water fasting ain’t necessary to detox and clean your body. I can only see benefits for longer +14 days guided water fasting if the body is really sick and toxic and needs as much rest as possible (setting aside the whole positive fasting experience that could be educational, joyful and spiritual).

Bellow is my nutrition report for the last 3 months, this is just an estimation (no database knows the exact nutrients of the fresh foods you just consumed) and I keep these records for science and as guidelines. I do recommend keeping track of what you eat when you start this lifestyle, it’s very easy to eat to little calories, almost every time I feel like eating something else its because I have not got enough calories from fruit, my mind goes into survival mode and wants the quickest easiest way it can remember to get as much calories as possible, and a nutrition report is a handy tool to put some numbers on those impulses. I am a 186cm male aiming for 10 grams of carbohydrates from fruits per kilogram of bodyweight to get some perspective on those numbers. Calorie breakdown is 89% Carbs, 5,5% Lipids and 5,5% Protein.

So here are some of my weekly fruit and vegetables restocks:

Showing the blueberry effect. I made a banana, blueberry, celery smoothie with so many blueberries that it turned into a pudding, I could hold the Vitamix container upside down and had to get a spoon.

One of my best breakfasts ever 1500 grams of just fresh blueberries.

18 July – Got one of my best fruit hauls this week!!! Managed to score 26 boxes of local blueberries (about 45kg). 18kg of bananas, box of oranges, five boxes of nectarines, vine tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, local cherries!!, local gooseberries, two watermelons, five heads of butterhead lettuce, two heads of curly lettuce, two heads of celery, zucchinis, cucumbers, lemons and bell peppers. Isn’t this awesome, felt like hugging my fruit grocer today ;)

11 July – Great fruit haul this week, got a box of vine cherry tomatoes, box of grapes, box of bananas, three boxes of nectarines, about six kilograms of blueberries, box of organic saturn peaches, watermelon, bags of fresh mint and basil, some strawberries, cucumbers, celery, red bell pepper, and some heads of curly and butterhead lettuces. Also got some broken watermelons for free, so I am munching down a five litre watermelon with mint juice right now :D Cheers!!

4 July – I got a nice fruit haul this week and kind of went for the peaches since last week they were the best. I got one 40lb box of bananas, box of oranges, box of pineapples (I hope they are edible, normally they ain’t ripe and do more harm then good), box of cherry tomatoes, three boxes of nectarines, one box of some other kind of peaches, some strawberries, butterhead lettuce, celery, cucumber, lemons and bell peppers.

Got this awesome cool and beautiful cat as pet.

27 June – Hi guys! Got a nice fruit haul this week and not the usual fruits. I got two boxes of apricots, box of vine tomatoes, box of bananas, box of peaches, box of plums, box of cherries, some strawberries, curly greens, some basil, red pepper, dried raisins, and a watermelon. The rest of the greens and cucumbers are coming from our family allotment garden and I got some fruit left from last week.

Recovery drink four litre of fresh squeezed orange juice with pulp.

My new 29er mountain bike.

20 June – Got a decent fruit haul this week, one box of bananas (40pounds), crate of strawberries, five melons, nine mangos, crate of peaches, two boxes of grapes, box of vinecherry-paprika tomatoes, box of medjool dates, two heads of red leafy greens, three cucumbers, bell pepper and some more strawberries. Also got some oranges, melons and tomatoes left from last week. The rest of the leafy greens for this week are coming from our family allotment garden. Have a good one ;)

13 June – Delicious fruit haul ;) Got a box of cherries, box of bananas, box of clementines, two boxes of cherry tomatoes, box of vine tomatoes, some melons and lettuce, two watermelons, fresh basil, strawberries, cucumber, bell peppers, and three boxes of mangos. The rest of the leafy greens for this week are coming from our family allotment garden. Cheers :D

6 June – Great fruit haul! Got my first ready to eat apricots of the year! I got a box of bananas, tomatoes, two boxes of sweet cherry tomatoes, box of apricots, crate of melons, three watermelons, box of African oranges, box of green curly lettuce, some arugula, three cucumbers, bell pepper, lemons, cellery, strawberries and a head of butterhead lettuce. It’s going to be a good week :)

Tomatoes/basil soup! I really love good tomatoes :D Soak a handful of dried tomatoes (watch out for the added salt in there!!), mixed vinecherry tomatoes together with bigger tomatoes and some basil then blend. Add a lot of halved vinecherry tomatoes to the final soup and enjoy :D

30 May – Watermelons!! Weekly restock with bananas, vinecherry tomatoes, apples, oranges, four butterhead lettuces, four curly lettuces, celery, tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, lemon, sweet bell pepper, some parsley, strawberries and four watermelons. I am off destroying some watermelons, bite by bite ;)

One of my salads, I can easily eat a few kilograms of this.

23 May – Weekly restock, I got myself some vinecherry tomatoes, grapes, box of oranges, bananas, box of dates, red and green curly lettuce, strawberries, zucchini, a sweet bell pepper, celery, cucumbers and butterhead lettuce. The grapes, oranges, bananas and dates are imported the rest is all local and not sprayed with chemicals. It’s finally nice weather again in the Netherlands, it’s about 25 degrees Celsius and I am looking forward to the weekend and a nice distance run in the sun.

New more eco-friendly household chemicals and biodegradable trash bags.

Mangos for lunch :D

19 May – Oh Happy Day! Mango’s! Extra weekend restock, my grocer texted me he could get some good ones for a nice price and as mango addict I can’t resist :D

16 May – Weekly restock, I got the sad news an other distributor went bankrupt (or almost is) and only leftovers of his stock where for sale. So last week I finally had an other brand of banana’s this week its back to the same old again. So I got a crate of apples, box of banana’s, box of grapes, a few snack tomatoes, box of tomatoes, clementines, sweet red peppers, zucchinis, strawberries, cucumbers, few heads of lettuces, and some spinach. There wasn’t much more of my interest, hopefully next week will be better. I still got some dates, bananas, apples and oranges left so I will be fine. Training has been going well, no new injuries and been able to push a bit more out of those legs ;)

Just give it a good try, take it day by day, educate yourself and feel the difference! Leave a comment if you feel like it :D

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