Everything is energy

You are on my personal page. This page is about love, connection, vulnerability and life goals (truth, love, and awareness). I hereby invite you to guide me when an opportunity arrives.

I am looking for beautiful minds to share my human experience with. Being a coach, friend, ally or role model.

I am trying to surround myself with people who subscribe to a set of rules and learn how to establish accountability so that we can ensure peak performance, fun and incredible results in all we do. I try to surround myself with people who would push me this way and who would allow me to push as well. To be a mirror and tell me where I possibly fell short and don’t live up to expectations. This is who I am. This is what I stand for. Hold me to it.

The upcoming information is meant to build my desired life. This is me asking for support to grow, to become more of what I am becoming as a young adult man and go after what makes me feel good about myself.

I have felt the impulses that are underlying to addictions. I am aware of these feelings, I studied and worked with myself and do not have what is generally considered as addictive behaviors. I use self-love, self-preservation and self-discipline to stay on the path of mastery in life. I have built my adult life around these disciplines. However, these dragons are part of myself and I am sometimes struggling with this and it has created cracks in my self-esteem. I want to have deep human connections and nourish social and emotional relationships.

One of my challenges is that romantic love stimulates the exact same parts of our brain as cocaine. I want to create a healthy form of love, based on two people acknowledging and addressing their own problems with each other’s support in order to feel good about each other.

So in my strengths, you can find my weaknesses. I have a mind that can be overactive and I have Highly Sensitive Person traits. I have been healing from stressful flashbacks from my childhood. I try to not let these perfect imperfections define me. I will often be in a state of trying to both push myself and balance myself out again and I feel great in this flow state. I am introverted at first to allow mental and sensory experiences to integrate when getting myself into social situations. I get energy out of coaching and helping others, I try to be of service to others and be a positive force.

I had a difficult upbringing and this propelled me to fight for my freedom to go after what I want in life. I see myself archetypically as a mindful warrior growing into a white wizard. I am recovering from light workaholism and enjoy getting things done, therefore bouncing back is important for me and integrated health is a big part of my life. I want to build a family, with a deep loving partnership and children. A strong mutual interest in health and growth, especially in regards to self-love and child raising (against childism, no yelling, no spanking, attachment parenting) will help me feel emotionally safe and deeply respect each other. I strive to be a benevolent leader in a relationship.

I want to build an amazing family of individuals, have amazing intimacy, be a power couple and in a place of inner power to help others. I am willing to love, fight, suffer and give up a lot for these ongoing goals. Help me to become a better person that can create this reality, find a beautiful person and create this shared mission together.

It takes years to fully get to know someone and to be able to make a healthy commitment for family life. I have dreams of a loving family, a stable relationship, a simplified fulfilling life. To create new life from a place of deep-rooted unconditional love for what is developing. Based on my health values I want myself and my partner to be in a top percentage of physical and mental state before going on this journey together and deal our best set of cards (epigenetic) when creating and raising a family. Shared dream, mission, responsibility and accountability.

What pain do you want in life? What are you willing to struggle for? These are the life problems that I want to choose and enjoy dealing with. I am obsessed with improvement and the lifelong inner joy of walking on this path. This is for what I am suffering. For this purpose I reject alternatives, a choice to commit to one path, one inner code, one intimate relationship, this creates freedom for myself. When I contemplate on my own mortality, I want to have touched the heart of others and made their life better by who I am.


1. We are flexible, easy going & have a good attitudes
2. We place a high value on loyalty, honesty & communication
3. We are affectionate & giving
4. We are patient, kind & not easily offended
5. We are present, passionate about our career/business & have a drama-free life
6. We are happy, optimistic, have a healthy self-esteem & we build people up

Conscious relationship:

Each person is committed to owning their energy – wounds, triggers, and emotions.

All feelings are welcome and no internal process is condemned. Radical honesty, transparency, and listening.

The relationship is recognized as a place to practice love. Practice acceptance, being present, forgiveness, and being vulnerable.

Each person sets and holds healthy personal boundaries and respects the other persons boundaries as well.

Support and empower each other in their unique gifts, passions and grandest purpose.

Work toward a balance of the divine masculine and divine feminine powers within the relationship.

I want to be able to feel enthusiasm for what we do individually and recharge when spending time with each other (deep play).

I want to be able to study and grow together. Commit to personal development and education. Have vulnerability and accountability.

We are relaxed and enjoy who we are and what we’re doing, we undertake our activities in a wholesome way to push ourselves to become better (curious, caring and with some humor).

I want to be able to laugh and talk about a squatty potty.

I want to be able to go to the new year’s dive in Scheveningen or jump in the cold water at a spa, an iceman bath or ice swimming.

I want to eat durian, jackfruit, cherimoyas and whole watermelons together.

Go to sport, fruit, self-development and training vacations together while eating fruit and salads the whole stay.

Hang upside down in an inversion table, do Tibetan rites and go crazy with a Vitamix blender (banana blueberry ice cream).

To be able to exercise until we are warm from the inside, sweat from exhaustion and laugh and feel good about it.

Talk about the tyranny of the majority, philosophy, psychology and social economics (I do not vote).

Passionate about being a family with peaceful and attachment parenting (breastfeeding goddess).

Consciously practicing love, lower threshold for gratitude, CANI, body intelligence, emotional intelligence, intellectual intelligence, financial intelligence and integrated health.

Join our self-love practices and further build each other up, while creating secure bonds.

Appreciation for the values within a marriage (archetypal strong) where two imperfect individuals choose to shackle up together to speak truths, become one flesh and straighten out our life.

Amazing intimacy that is pleasure focused with scent, taste, touch, essence, connection, space, safety, exploration.

Conscious body movement, tantra, dancing, saunas, running, swimming, biking, music, books, podcasts, sleeping naked, inner hygienics, neuroscience.

I want to have healthy loving somatic practices to regulate our vagus nerves.

Maximize sunlight and minimize wearing sunglasses because it is more healthy and people communicate better when having eye contact.

I create a deep work environment to get into my flow state, this takes sacrifice and support. In the remaining hours, I want to be able to cherish and love.

You are someone that will build your life, entrepreneurial, mentally strong to push, athletic excellence, on the path of mastery. We create an interdependent relationship together.

You keep powerful practices that keep yourself soft and feminine. Marie Forleo wrote a book that goes into this as well.

We become a power couple realizing there are less blessed people and not wanting to go back to this, but love and support others from a foundation of safety. I want to both be in our power and feel that when in the occasional times we are afraid and do not act from our true self or we are trying to expand and grow, we got each other back so we both feel safe exploring the outside world, pushing out of our comfort zone, helping each other grow from a good foundation. The positive experiences overrule the negative experiences.

We help each other to show kindness to ourselves and others, together we can do more than by ourselves and build deeper relationships. We become greater than the sum of our parts.

To higher the chances of having healthy children and being able to enjoy life together, I would like to have had children before the age of 36 for the mother. It will take a few years to make a commitment for life before getting there. No hormonal contraception that may alter sexual behavior. The human brain is fully developed by the age of 25. I am therefore looking for a partner in the age range of 25-33 that is willing to raise children with at least one parent present for the first five most influential years of their development. A full-time job would be out of the option during the early child rearing phase of our lives. I am looking for a partner with a height bellow 187 cm and above 170 cm (sexual dimorphism in stature), European or Asian ancestry and intelligence quotient of bellow 130 and above 100 (Wais-IV-NL).

I want to be able to build, protect, structure, provide, lead, teach, communicate and create opportunities while living up to my potential in a relationship. I want my partner to make everything around her more beautiful, to put loving energy into the things she holds tight, you organize and take care of and make more healthy, you do your dance with the world around you and share your love. We will do this with our struggles, but we keep moving towards it, towards our healthy archetypes.

In the Netherlands we got five months of wet, windy cold weather, do you have the mindset to stay more active inside and also go outside and move your body, to dress smart, to enjoy and free those endorphins. To come out of winter strong ready to fully experience life. I have a need to connect with nature and go out there together.

I like animals, especially mammals and I like them left alone in peace where possible. I had a sweet ginger cat, we been together for eight years and he was free roaming. I do not want other pets at this moment. I want to focus on human health, relationships and building a family, if my life is more settled this may change.


Enjoy the RAIN[1], don’t be too NICE[2], embrace your FEAR[3].

[1] RAIN: Recognize, Accept, Investigate, Note [changes]
[2] NICE: Neurotic, Insecure, Crazy, Emotional
[3] FEAR: Face Everything and Rise
[4] FAIL: First Attempt In Learning

CANI stands for Constant And Never-ending Improvement Tony Robbins

Qualities of a great team player:
1. Energy
2. Unstoppable desire to win
3. Willing to let someone else win
4. Personally responsible – no blaming or justifying
5. Willing to submit to the code
6. Unique talent or ability

MOVE (t-shirt writing)

Big Five personality traits that I resonate with:

Outgoing Introvert for Openness to experience
Industriousness and Orderliness for Conscientiousness
Compassion and Politeness for Agreeableness

Conversation With Alanis Morissette: Episode 7: Conversation with Dr. Sue Johnson

In Search of Mastery With Dr. Michael Gervais: How To Develop A High Performance Mindset from Rich Roll Podcast

How to Ask for Support – with Neil Sattin from Relationship Alive Podcast

Healthy Relationships – with Leo Gura from Actualized.org

Advice for Strong Relationships from Jordan Peterson

Adam and Eve: Self-Consciousness, Evil, and Death from Jordan Peterson

I am listening to a selection of great podcasts

I am seeking for help connecting with women that resonate with and value what I have written. Connections that I can take further and do my very best to blossom into an intimate relationship. I welcome advice for book titles, events and courses. I strongly prefer having face-to-face interactions.

I created a dating profile that can be found here:


Feel free to reach out to me: +31612182441


Passing from my heart to yours,

Peace, hugs, and fruit