Deeper Dating

In 5 years I see myself married to an inspiring, healthy, fit, and loving partner raising our children. Over time I would like to have 2 to 3 children. We will be living a meaningful mostly raw plant-based but frugal life in a home we own located in a suburban town in The Netherlands and a second homestead somewhere connected to nature (Netherlands/Spain, Costa Tropical/Portugal/Ecuador).

I’m a mature man looking for a great woman, someone who connects to the same values and desires, to share the wonderful life that I am creating for my future family.

I can fall deeply in love with a women that shares values and interests around personal responsibility, universally preferable behaviour, interested in personality and temperament and has high conscientiousness, typical to high agreeableness, and high openness to experience.

I would like to build a life wherein we can live with intuitive feelings and be guided by reasoning. To make you feel safe and cherished for your femininity and the power that lies within.

I would like to deeply understand you, respect you, and care for you and develop a sense of meaning and purpose within our union that stands together with our higher selves. To be able to fully love, be wide open and vulnerable, and feel alignment with mind, body, and spirit.

I would like to receive trust that I am doing my best, acceptance that I am not perfect, to feel recognized for my successes, and to feel appreciated for my efforts.

I’m gentle, consistently loving, and kind of spirit. I want my high sensory sensitivity to be a strength and gift. I want to keep building sexual polarity and feel strong and capable. I’m highly conscientious and will be spending most of my time on my business and being able to perform. I want to ground back to the smile of an innermost tender sensitive and mentally strong woman that I can honor, so I can deeply feel, touch, smell, hold, long, ache, connect, and love idealistically.

I’m praying to connect with an older soul in a younger body, with the core gifts of knowing she is deeply caring and giving, is more introverted and wise, knows deep down she wants to become a mother and values family life, being a good mate, a good sexual partner, is intellectually stimulating, tender, fit, healthy and morally strong of mind. Knows she is not a lifelong city woman, appreciates both technology and nature, one leg in nature, rituals, spirituality, and the other leg in modern society.

Shares a vision to become the best version of ourselves, that two adult brains are better than one, and that the feminine and masculine complete each other when the sacred union is done with intentional consciousness.

I would like to be able to relax back into your feminine energy when I come from a place of action and doing. To have tender, amazing, and wild intimacy and set us up for a lifetime of love and inspiration. A path of life where we learn and grow together and build our emotional, physical, financial, gender, and spiritual intelligence.

To give the freedom and safety to have healthy children and stay with them to nurture and attach deeply. To create opportunities to be able to share our love with the world. Raising children is our act of philosophy.

For us to feel proud and honoured of the beautiful family we are creating and make better day-by-day. The gifts of developing sovereign consciousness to our community and do our very best to create an amazing life.

Creating codes of honour to learn to resolve conflicts in a loving connecting way. To feel that we both have shadow sides and that we can keep each other accountable and responsible. To be able to process and feel the situation in our own unique ways.

I’m an entrepreneurial engineer and I create from my imagination through integrated works of science, reasoning, and a connection of what is around and within me (flow state and deep work). I highly value visual beauty and natural order. I request space (physical, emotional) to serve others with my work and energy.

Self-sacrificing love towards what is the universally preferable behaviour to do. Motivated by idealism, guided by reason. I am compassionate, conscientious, orderly, and industrious. Open to experiences and enthusiastic towards life.

Can you see yourself with a Dutch self-made man that has a way in life, walks his path on mastery, and pushes you to join while having each other back. A man with dreams needs a woman with a vision. You say yes to life voluntarily and say yes to developing consciousness. There are some games in life we don’t get to play unless we’re all in.

To higher the chances of having a great passionate relationship and healthy children to nourish and being able to enjoy life together growing old, I would like to have had children before the age of 38 for the mother. No hormonal contraception that may alter sexual behaviour. The human brain is fully developed by the age of 25. I am therefore looking for a partner in the age range of 25-36 that is willing to raise children with at least one parent present for the first five most influential years of their development.

Women select men. That makes them nature because nature is what selects. You can have what you want, set your criteria, reorient your life, and maybe all you have to do is ask.

Instagram @mostlyraw to show you more.

I will enjoy seeing you materialize more of the best of yourself and share a mutual sense of grounding in what to become, to start building a foundation to metaphorically run together and co-create our inspiring lives. I invite you to the understandmyself and selfauthoring tools, with the reciprocal act that you let me know when using the voucher codes.

☆ love ☆ giver ☆ mindfulness ☆ coaching ☆ health ☆ fruit ☆ salads ☆ win-win ☆ intelligence ☆ books ☆ sensitive ☆ tantra ☆ touch ☆ nature ☆ ecology ☆ somatic movement ☆ barefoot dancing ☆ spas ☆ instrumental music ☆ motorbike ☆ engineering ☆ business ☆ trading ☆ running ☆ trails ☆ strength ☆ biking ☆ swimming ☆ triathlete ☆ meditation ☆ mastery ☆ becoming ☆ self-actualization ☆ 1.86m ☆

My Big Five Aspects Scale (
Agreeableness: Typical: 50th percentile
– Compassion: High: 81st percentile
– Politeness: Low: 16th percentile
Conscientiousness: High: 83rd percentile
– Industriousness: High: 82nd percentile
– Orderliness: Moderately High: 76th percentile
Extraversion: Very High: 91st percentile
– Enthusiasm: High: 83rd percentile
– Assertiveness: Very High: 90th percentile
Neuroticism: Moderately Low: 36th percentile
– Withdrawal: Typical or Average: 47th percentile
– Volatility: Moderately Low: 29th percentile
Openness to Experience: High: 87th percentile
– Intellect: High: 78th percentile
– Openness: High: 87th percentile

Intelligence quotient (WAIS-IV-NL) matching range 100-120.

My Ancestry Composition (
44.6% Alpine-Celtic and Germanic
22.1% British and Irish
12.9% Scandinavian
19.0% Broadly Northwestern European